Practical Placement

What is a practical placement supported by the Industry Graduates Academy?

Understanding practical placement
At the core of becoming a qualified early childhood educator is the practical placement – an experience that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Industry Graduates Academy, backed by Industry Graduates employer partners – one of Australia’s leading Early Childhood Education and Care providers – recognising the essence of this experience. In simpler terms, think of practical placement as your real-world classroom.

This isn’t just a placement; it’s an opportunity. Under the guidance of experienced educators, you’ll play an active role in the daily operations of a service. From engaging with children in play, setting up activities, narrating stories, to supporting fellow educators – every task aims to embed the essence of quality care in you.

Unwavering support throughout your journey
Completing the practical placement component in a real-world environment can be daunting. But with Industry Graduates Academy, you’re never alone. With the support of a placement coordinator and the Industry Graduates employer partners recruitment team you will be placed in a conducive environment for your development.

The Industry Graduates Academy the 5 step practical placement model

A streamlined approach to your practical placement

  • Be currently enrolled in a Certificate III or Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care qualification with any Australian Registered Training Organisation.
  • The Industry Graduates Academy and will assist you in securing a placement within an appropriate centre.
  • Receive on the job coaching and mentoring by a workplace supervisor who you will work with throughout your placement
  • During your placement, your RTO trainer will assess your workplace skills in accordance with your qualification requirements
  • Complete your placement with newfound confidence, paving the way to become a proficient early childhood professional.

Benefits of Completing the Practical Placement with the Industry Graduates Academy

Enhanced Skills & Knowledge: See you theoretical learning spring to life, deepening your understanding of the early childhood education and care industry.

Boosted career pathways: Your hands-on experience is not just a learning curve, but a significant addition to your CV. It is a great opportunity to showcase your skills to industry employers.

Build Confidence: Workplace experience breeds confidence. By experiencing potential future workplace dynamics first hand, you’ll approach your career with a renewed sense of confidence.

Structured approach to practical placements: Industry Graduates is dedicated to the development of the next generation of industry professionals. This means the skills you develop on practical placement are not left to chance. Each workplace mentor has a clear guide on the skills you need to develop into a world class educator.

A Commitment to achieving real outcomes: Beyond just qualifications, our focus is on equipping students with the genuine skills they require to excel in their careers.

Embark on a journey, not just a placement: With Industry Graduates Academy, practical placement is not a mere obligation. It’s a journey. Experience hands-on learning, witness your evolution, and pave the way for a successful career in early childhood education.