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Micro credential courses:
There are no entry requirements for the micro credential courses.

For each qualification, there is a basic requirement involving language, literacy, and numeracy skills (LLN) that must be met before enrolment is granted. This LLN indicator serves as a guideline to assess your suitability for the course and determines the level of assistance you might require to effectively accomplish your chosen qualification. We encourage students to take the step of submitting an enrolment application to gain further information.

Micro credential courses:
Micro Credential Short Course – $245
Workplace skills Course – $645

Institute of Training and Further Organisation offers a variety of government funding opportunities for students. If you qualify, these options can significantly lower the total course cost. Discover more about the available funding avenues and your eligibility on on the relevant qualification page or the iTFE website https://www.itfe.edu.au/

You’re not alone on this journey!

Our commitment extends to offering a selection of supports to ensure your learning experience is collaborative and enriching. Our goal is to ensure that when you complete our courses, you gain the necessary knowledge and skills for a meaningful career impact.

Every learner is matched with a dedicated trainer who will provide personalised guidance throughout your learning process. Whether through phone, email, or video calls, your trainer will be there. 

In addition, our learner success team is available to assist with:

  • Language support if English is not your first language.
  • Boosting literacy and numeracy skills
  • Enhancing your digital literacy
  • Sharing effective study strategies
  • Providing aid in securing work placement opportunities

Micro credential courses:
Absolutely! Certainly! Our short courses are designed to provide you with flexibility. You have the freedom to learn at your own speed, allowing you to invest more time if you want to finish your courses ahead of schedule. While we suggest around 10 hours per week for a balanced approach, we understand that you know your schedule best.

It’s important to note that the practical confirmation of skills completion still needs to complete within a 3-day timeframe. This ensures that you gain hands-on experience and embed your abilities effectively whilst showing potential employers your full capabilities.

The duration it takes for a student to finish a qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care can differ based on personal situations. Our courses usually last for 12 months, but it’s possible to complete them earlier with prior industry experience or units previously completed. This means that if you excel and meet the necessary standards, you could potentially graduate sooner than the standard 12-month timeframe.

At Industry Graduates Academy, our early childhood short courses incorporate a hands-on component providing you the opportunity to show an employer you are a great future candidate. Our dedication lies in equipping our students with the necessary skills to excel in a fulfilling career.

Rest assured, we don’t simply provide workplace guidelines and leave you on your own. We take an active role in assisting our students in coordinating their Workplace Skills Development experience.

Leveraging our extensive network of employer partner services, we possess the means to effectively arrange your Workplace Skills Development.

In addition to assisting, you in securing employment (dependent on the program you’ve enrolled in), our courses offer an enriching feature: the chance to engage in Workplace Skills Development. This invaluable opportunity provides you with direct access and insights into the industry. As the industry evolves, Industry Graduates Academy are committed to keeping relevant in the industry. 

Although we cannot guarantee you a job, our approach is directed towards preparing you for success through various course components:

Job Readiness: We assist you in charting your career path with short, medium, and long-term goals. With our short courses, you’ll gain the skills and mindset needed to step into the Early Childhood Education and Care profession with confidence.

Making Your Mark: Discover how to create a powerful personal image that can boost your success at getting work. Get tips on presenting your experiences and knowledge in a way that employers look for in potential candidates.

Workplace Development: Our course integrates workplace skills development into online and blended learning formats. This experience is fully facilitated and supported. Upon completion of courses, you’ll receive a certificate and reference/feedback from facilitators to enhance your resume.

At Industry Graduates Academy, we’re dedicated to setting you on a path toward accomplishment and helping you thrive in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry.